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Simply Grounded Welcomes Sylvia Schlecht Qigong Practitioner!
Sylvia Schlecht has 19 years of experience as a certified practitioner/teacher of Qigong (pronounced "Chi Kung").  Qigong is a Chinese method of healing touch, which involves working with the flow and distribution of Qi (life energy), to improve the health and harmony of mind, body and spirit.  Sylvia is now practicing at Simply Grounded offering individual Qigong sessions and meditation classes. For more information on Sylvia and what's involved in a Qigong session visit Center of Qigong.

If you have a body, mind, heart or soul, you will benefit from receiving Qigong healing touch!  Sylvia brings unique gifts including compassion, listening, and intuition to each session. Her work is particularly helpful in relieving stress, anxiety, grief, depression, as well as physical pain.

Sylvia is currently taking appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, Sundays.  

Welcome Sylvia!